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Purpose, Vision & Values

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About the Trust

Inspire - Support - Teach

Inclusive Schools Trust (IST) is a unique Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) with a shared vision that pupils will be championed throughout their educational lives and beyond, so that they are able to reach their full potential.

Multi Academy Trust

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Inspire - Support - Teach

To increase life chances for children by developing a love of life-long learning, preparing children for the next stages of their lives and equipping them with the skills to further develop their own sense of responsibility.

Teaching and Learnng

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Welcome to Inclusive Schools Trust

Inclusive Schools Trust is an ethically driven organisation with a relentless focus on raising aspirations for lifelong learning.

Inclusive Schools Trust is not just a name, the authenticity behind the title and the deeply embedded inclusive culture emanates throughout the organisation and ensures that each school reflects the individuality of its community, places the children at its core, celebrates diversity and makes inclusion a reality.

It would be easy for a Trust to become exclusive in the same way that it would be easy for a Trust to say this is our specialism. IST is deliberate in the unification of some aspects of its operation and more bespoke in others. IST ensures that leaders are committed to preparing children for the next stage of their academic lives and that they do this by making sure they develop an understanding of the whole child. I feel privileged to be in the position of CEO at Inclusive Schools Trust. Our aim is to support schools to be the best they can be and our vision is to improve outcomes and increase life chances for children.

We care about our schools, the people that work for us and the children and families that are part of our learning community. We welcome you to our website and hope that you may be interested to find out more about all that we do.

Lionwood Junior


Lionwood Junior School
Wolfe Road,
Norwich. NR1 4HT

 Tel: 01603 433014

Lionwood Infant & Nursery



Lionwood Infant & Nursery School
Telegraph Lane East
Norwich. NR1 4AN

Telephone: 01603 433957

George White Junior



George White Junior School
Silver Road,
Norwich. NR3 4RG

Tel: 01603 425515

Mousehold Infant & Nursery


Mousehold Infant and Nursery School

Mousehold Avenue

Norwich, NR3 4RS

Tel: 01603 427012

Nightingale Infant & Nursery


Nightingale Infant & Nursery School
Nightingale Drive, Taverham 
Norwich. NR8 6LA 

Tel: 01603 867976

Drayton Community Infant


Drayton Community Infant School
School Road, Drayton
Norwich. NR8 6EP

Tel: 01603 860272